Time for Action

I can’t  help but reflect on how difficult the world is becoming.  President Obama is trying his mightiest, but the problems he is trying to resolve seem insurmountable.  President Bush left this nation in a terrible state, due largely to two things: our involvement in unwinnable and unnecessary conflicts in the Middle East and a laissez faire economy that let capitalism run amuck.

Afghanistan: what to do with a country that was ignored largely by the Bush people and is now festering?  Lots of us think we should leave, but that raises terrible, unthinking charges that Obama and the Democrats are “soft,” and this leads to political timidness.  Meanwhile, Iraq is still in chaos.  Perhaps the most heroic action for Obama to do is to plan for the most advantageous withdrawal from those countries as is practicable.  Is there really a threat to our ‘homeland’ if we leave?

Our economy:  Again Capitalism has failed us, but Obama refuses to pull out a New Deal type program to win back jobs.  Sadly, this country still refuses to accept any program that has even a hint of socialism.  And we’re the worst for it.

The solutions to these two problems call for boldness and political courage.  President Obama has been right in taking his time and looking at all options, but the time to act is now, Mr. President.


2 thoughts on “Time for Action

  1. That was an awesome blog, my dear friend. You spoke so eloquently, as always. I wish i had half of your talent.

    It is really a shame how our people can be led like sheep to believe any minimal change is bad for our country. I really do believe our enemies in Iraq, or Afghanistan just want us out of there like yesterday, and will not bother us once we get the f— out of their hair. We are like a nosy neighbor, or an intruding mother-in-law budding in, and believing our way is mite so our way is right. They want to solve there own problems.

    We certainly have fought everyone who tried to takeover our country. We might have been speaking French, or Dutch, or be under the British Empire, if they would have won.

    We have not been good to any minorities here, ever! I cannot begin to imagine how horrific we would treat the people in the Middle East if we were to win. Even now, Obama does not want the photos published about how badly we have treated our captives.

    I totally agree, Obama MUST start a New Deal program, but remember he is surrounded on all sides of controversy, even from our Party. He should be more forceful, but who am I to criticize him? He had a catastrophe on his hands when he became our President. I assure you, he is thinking ahead, and surely has something up his sleeve.You will see, so keep the faith, baby.

  2. What hope now? Obama jumped right into bed with all the people that got us where we are today…….

    Wake me up when the revolution begins, and I’ll join you at the barracade.

    Larry Penn

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