What counts in life!

Welcome to my newest blog.  This is the first entry, and it’s a plea for common sense, common decency and common courtesy in public

lake in morning

A peaceful morning view at Lower Clam Lake, Wisconsin


discourse.  No one’s blogs, read maybe by a handful of relatives or supposed friends, will change the world to his or her liking.  That’s all to the good: I’m not sure all of MY remedies for world betterment would work either, and I am vain enough to think there are others out there even more goofy than I.

It is my hope that perhaps a few words here might have an impact of providing a bit of perspective on some of the more strange occurrences in our current life.  Let the fun begin!

Perhaps a morning stroll down to the lake from a Northwoods cabin is as good as it gets.  When all else fails in life, perhaps everyone one needs a retreat, and for us there’s nothing so special as thecabin at Clam Lake, for 45 years a family destination.


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