Holiday Greetings: With Hope

Take time this holiday season to enjoy memories of friends,
Some old and some new, fondly remembered for moments
Of joy and of enlightenment and of caring and of sweetness,
And let those memories brighten and freshen your spirit.

Oh the sadness that has permeated these years of the 21st,
The unnecessary wars, the loss of jobs, the greed of the wealthy,
The duplicity of our leaders, the rancor and emptiness of arguments,
All while peoples find suffering and little to kindle a spark of hope.

Except for you, my friend, and for you, and you, and you!
And for all the caring and marvelous folks in the world
In whose spirit and strength we find much hope in the New Year!
Warmest season’s greetings!


One thought on “Holiday Greetings: With Hope

  1. Ken:

    Wise and caring words by a mountain of a man. Ken, I am so proud to be able to call you Friend! May the New Year bless you and your’s and all the people of the world.

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