Who REALLY Won in Massachusetts?

Scott Brown, so full of glee that he joyously peddled his daughters as “available,” (though one apparently wasn’t), proclaimed his Massachusetts seat win was a “people’s victory.”


The winners were those who would do very little to really help ordinary folks, middle class working families and the struggling poor.  The winners were:

  • The health insurance companies, which stand to maintain either a status quo in the health care system, or a compromised health care reform bill that will reward them even more generously by forcing folks into health plans without much public assistance to pay the high premiums.  They win either way.  The people lose!
  • The moguls of our corporations, who will benefit as an energized Republican minority will block every effort at restoring more protections for the welfare of people through OSHA, the EPA and other agencies of government.  And, the corporations, too, will win by blocking realistic hope for strong labor law reform, such as the Employee Free Choice Act, further stifling workers’ rights in the workplace.
  • The hotshots on Wall Street, who will be able to run wildly back onto the scene, making more speculative loans, avoiding oversight by even more clever use of derivatives and other such strange machinations, while pocketing huge pay checks at the expense of taxpayers who saved their hides.   The Republican roadblocks in the Senate may make it now virtually impossible to pass any protections.
  • The folks who would deny personal rights, such as same-sex marriages, the right to an abortion, the right to a fair trial and greater fairness in immigration laws.  All of these will face continued terrible hurdles in a Federal Court system already skewing to the right; President Obama’s effort to restore any balance to the courts will face the “nay-sayers” of the Republican Party that will block virtually any appointment, leaving the seats open for what they hope will be the next President, a Republican.

The Losers!  All of us, although it appears some 52% of folks in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may not think so now!


One thought on “Who REALLY Won in Massachusetts?

  1. Here is a comment from a friend, Rose Daitsman:
    As for the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts – really now – that was one Senator, one vote. Is Massachusetts that powerful? While I agree that the people did not win, I can’t accept the fact that the Democratic majority in Congress can’t figure out how to get the better of a bunch of corrupt Republicans and blue dog Democrats. It’s a setback for sure but we did not lose it all!!

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