What President Obama might say to Mike Huckabee

A “Phone Call” from President Obama to former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Arkansas), as envisioned by Ann Germanson, Milwaukee:

“Mike!  Barry here – Barry Obama.  Yeah, that’s my childhood nickname from when I was growing up in Hawaii.  I notice the other day you told a talk radio host that you’d love to know more about me, so I thought I’d help you out.

“You do seem a little confused about me, Mike.  For one thing you said you ‘knew’ that I grew up with my father and grandfather in Kenya and learned anti-British and anti-colonial attitudes that are ‘much different than ours’.

“Later you said you ‘misspoke’ and meant to say ‘Indonesia’ but that was quite a mouthful of  misspeaking since there was no British colonialism and no Mau-Mau uprisings in Indonesia.

“Actually, I wish I could have grown up with a father, but mine left when I was a year old.  He and my mom met when he came to the University of Hawaii on a foreign exchange scholarship.  When the marriage didn’t work out, I was brought up by my mom and grandparents.
“My mom was a Kansas girl (you know, like Dorothy).  She was a white woman, just like your mom, Mike.  She moved to Hawaii with her folks after her dad, a World War II veteran, got a business opportunity in Honolulu.  When I was six, mom married an Indonesian man and we lived in Jakarta.

“You told Bill O’Reilly that I had ‘different experiences’ from normal American kids who grew up going to Boy Scout meetings and playing Little League baseball in towns with Rotary Clubs.  In truth, Mike, I was a Boy Scout in Indonesia. And by the way, I went to a Catholic school which opened and closed each day with Christian prayers.  (And Honolulu has had a Rotary Club since 1905.)

“When I was ten, my mom sent me back to Hawaii so I’d be sure to receive an American education.  I lived with grandma and grandpa for a couple of years, until mom moved back from Indonesia.  (Maybe you’ve seen the picture of me with my high school basketball team – we were champs. They called me Barry O’Bomber because of my jump shot.)

“Actually, Mike, I wrote two books about my life so if you’re really interested you could look them up in your local library.  I see you’ve just written a new book which I’m anxious to read.  After some of the things you’ve been saying about me, I’d like to know more about you, too.”


5 thoughts on “What President Obama might say to Mike Huckabee

  1. Stable dressing.

    You either don’t know anything about growing up in Hawaii or, more likely, don’t want to write about it. The same thing is true about Indonesia.

    President Obama is an opportunist and favors socialism, which explains his support of labor unions. What I would truly like to know is just why President Obama hasn’t seen fit to restore civil rights to the great unwashed as he promised to do before moving into his new apartment on Pennsylvania Avenue. Why don’t you write an imaginary conversation about that?

    • You could get your head out anytime. Just because a person recognises the need for collective bargaining and espouses social welfarist principles does not mean he favors socialism. You use of the term “great unwashed” shows that you have disdain for those less fortunate. Clap…clap…clap! Goodo for you Mr. Marlboro. You show that good old fashioned bullying that has made this country what it is. Now go home and whack the wife and kids around. Kick the dog to let him know how great you are. Sap!

  2. Brilliant!

    As for Mad Jack? Sorry, dude, you wouldn’t know a socialist if one walked up and bit you on the ass. Obama is so moderate, he doesn’t even qualify as a real liberal.


  3. This is a great blog, Mr. Germanson. I’m not a union member, but I come from a family of them, including a grandfather who was a Teamster, 2 uncles in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and an uncle and a cousin in the Laborers Union. I’m an aspiring screenwriter, so I imagine that might one day land me in the WGA. Again, this is a great site and I’ll keep coming back to it.

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