Getting to know the “real” Scott Walker

(A comment by Ann Germanson, wife of the writer of this blog)

Wisconsin voters who narrowly elected Scott Walker governor in 2010 didn’t know that he was planning to “divide and conquer” the citizens he was sworn to serve.   Maybe they weren’t aware Walker came into the office as a representative of the American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC), which for 40 years has been co-opting state legislatures to make sure they pass bills in the interests of the Koch Brothers and other big corporations.

The voters didn’t expect their Republican-controlled state government, supposedly concentrating on jobs issues, would instead be doing ALEC’s bidding by engaging in attacks on unions, public education and social services while enacting burdensome voter suppression rules, aimed at keeping Democrats from the polls.

Now, of course, all these things have been brought to light – notably by Walker himself as he enthusiastically assured “David Koch” in that infamous phone call that Wisconsin would be the “first domino” to fall in ALEC’s campaign to impose complete Republican political control on this country.

All this should be enough to justify a recall election and to remove Walker from office.


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