Tranquility amidst turmoil

A clear, mild, autumn morning . . . for a walk in the park – Jackson Park . . . in the middle of a bustling city.

Such peacefulness will be found in walking aimlessly along the paths . . . through the abbreviated woods . . .next to the lagoon, glassy smooth in the still air . . . leading up to pool, now white and empty of the blue water and splashing kids . . . as a Northern City readies for cold . .  and snow that will bring quieter peace.

This park remains in the midst of a troubled City . . . now as a monument to the wisdom of foresighted leaders who set aside lovely green places . . .  so that all – the favored and unfavored – will find respite from their cares.

Jackson Park Pool, Milwaukee, Sept. 2014

Jackson Park Pool, Milwaukee

Lagoon - Jackson Park

Lagoon – Jackson Park


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