Mary Burke will bring balance back to state

There’s one simple reason to vote for Mary Burke: she’s the best hope for restoring some semblance of balance to our state.

Governor Walker in a 2012 visit to Janesville (as recorded in the documentary, “As Goes Janesville”) promised a wealthy donor to “divide and conquer.” By and large, he has succeeded in that promise. The state has indeed become more and more divided and much of his regressive agenda has been accomplished.

It is apparent from her campaign and background that Mary Burke will not be pursuing a hard-left agenda. And that is precisely the reason I believe that in this election Mary Burke is just exactly what Wisconsin needs now. On the key issues, Mary Burke is offering a more moderate, middle way.

Governor Walker and Mary Burke both pledge more jobs, a tough promise for either to fulfill. There, too, Mary Burke offers a combination of plans (even some of Republican origin) to meet that difficult job goal. The fact is Wisconsin is a 50-50 state and any governor should lead with the understanding that he or she represents ALL of the state’s citizens. To improve our job picture, we need both sides working together.

Mary Burke is the candidate best suited to bring Wisconsin back to the historic political balance that created good schools, great universities, a solid safety net, adequate infrastructure and preserved our beautiful natural environment.  Ken Germanson, Nov. 1, 2014


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