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Not ‘basking,’ but ‘cringing’ at GOP spotlight

By Ann Germanson, Aug. 28, 2012

While, according to the Journal Sentinel, “Wisconsin basks in spotlight,” I feel it’s more like “cringes” to see our once proudly progressive state represented at the Republican Convention by the three far-right extremists, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Reince Priebus.

If Walker’s attacks on the rights of middle-class working people, Ryan’s “make the rich richer” budget and Dark Ages social views and Priebus’ schoolyard bully sneering at President Obama truly represent Wisconsin, we have indeed become a sad state.

Not Funny, Mitt!

By Ann Germanson – Aug. 25, 2012

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.”

When a chuckling Mitt Romney made this remark at his Michigan hometown rally Friday (Journal Sentinel, Aug. 25), he apparently was pretty pleased with himself for the way he had sent that sly dog-whistle go-ahead to the Republican “birther” extremes on the cusp of his party’s national convention, while denying that it was a swipe at President Barack Obama.

“No, no, not a swipe,” he said. “I’ve said throughout the campaign, and before, there’s no question where he (Obama) was born. He was born in the U.S. This was fun for us. And humor, you know, we’ve got to have humor in a campaign.”

There’s nothing funny or humorous about the vicious totally unfounded accusation that Barack Obama was not born in this country, and if Romney really knows better he is debasing himself by saying anything that helps keep this scurrilous issue alive.

So Little Truth for the People!

(The following is  from Marlene Norton, of Puerto Rico, whose insightful comments point out there is plenty of blame to share in the recent loss by the Democrats in Massachusetts)

Oh dear, yes, the Kennedy Seat.   We would say, “Who is Brown anyway: Just a state senator, an Independent who posed nude for Play Girl magazine.” “He was a disgrace for the Kennedy Seat.”  “Who would elect a male model, for everyone knew the size of his penis!”  “How could he ever be worthy?”

We were warned this would be a close election.  We blame it on the Democratic nominee. In hind sight, we say she was too lazy. She campaigned about Issues that were not important.   We said she was a dummy because she didn’t know the name of a famous sports figure.  We were the dummies. We were the lazy ones.  We just fell asleep at the wheel. We would say, “How could we lose?”  “This is an 85% a Blue State.”  Now we say, she was not a good candidate.  If she was not a good candidate, why was she nominated?  I remember Caroline Kennedy wanted to run for that seat.  Why was everyone so worried about that? I never did understand. Why didn’t we let her run?  I’m certain we would have won.

Awww, don’t feel too upset.  There will be better days ahead if we work for them.  Hopefully this will wake up the Democrats and they’ll begin to be more assertive.  There really has not been much leadership, not only by the President, nor by us, his Party, his loyal followers.

I feel like we are going backwards.  How could we have slipped back after we worked so hard to elect this wonderful, intelligent, honest and caring man?  We just sat on our behinds and were so sure of ourselves. We had the House!  We had the Senate!  How can we lose! Let’s just lay back and relax, for we have won, and the Democrats have the power.  Obama will solve everything.  We knew he was given a mess: a falling, failing country that most of the world hated.

Now the world is beginning to like us again because of our President.  We thought we were doing great.  We assumed he would do everything for us, and abandoned him because we were so cocky nothing could go wrong.

Where were we when the Tea Parties and Townhouse meetings were going on?   People were saying the health reform bill, stated we were not going to help the elderly if they had some catastrophic disease.  We were just going to let them die. We were sitting on our behinds saying, “No one with any intelligence would ever believe those lies.”  Where were our protests?  Why didn’t we take to the streets?  Why didn’t we march to Washington DC, not once, but many times? Why wasn’t the health plan explained repeatedly to us, so we could get through our heads in plain and simple language?

Who wants to read 2000 pages?  Have you ever read the contract of your health plan, which is only a couple pages?  What about the book Medicare sends every year?  Boring!

Why were the people told lies about “the secret back room talks” and the favors given to a few senators? Why did we not tell the truth, and tell the people, this is business as usual in Washington? This is how Bills are passed.  Anyway, the elections were coming up, and many senators were worried about getting elected for another term, not the health bill.  Hardly any one of them was really concerned how the Bill was passed.  Just so it was passed.

Do you really think these people care about us?  They could care less.  They are so detached from the Real World, with Real Problems, it’s pitiful. All they want is to live in their own little rosy world, with their only worry is to get elected again, Democrats, and Republicans alike. We need to have a good house cleaning.

Where were we when they kept saying Obama was everything from a Fascist, Socialist to Communist in the same sentence? We just laughed to ourselves at their ignorance, for they did not know the correct meaning of any of these words.

They kept on saying Obama was not an American citizen. We said, to ourselves, “Such ignorance, that is old news proven wrong before his election.”

They complain about sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, after he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Republicans would have sent them in a blink of an eye.  I cannot imagine what a painful decision this was for Obama.  After all, he appointed the General. How can he say no to the head of the military that he himself named?

We know, Obama has tried his best this first year.  He made errors but he will learn along with the rest of us.  He did not keep all his promises, but our economy is slowly getting back on its feet.  Many things he tried to do early on, like closing Guantanamo Bay, the Republicans were against.  Now that he has found a facility in Illinois, and there are more complaints from the Right.

I remember when Obama did talk with the Republican Party, and tried to work with them, they put up obstacles from Day One. They want to see him fail. To me, that is treason. If he fails, our country fails.  As much as I disliked the way Bush’s way of running the country, I never wished he would fail, I wished that he would wake up and see the mess we were getting in to.

Obama has the tendency to get so involved in what ever he is doing he loses touch with the average voter.  For many of us, to understand, we need things explained to us, over and over again in simple language. We need leadership where we can protest, fight for the Truth peacefully and make our voices heard. We must not ever become lazy and so sure of ourselves again.

I know many people hope that President Obama will fail just because of the color of his skin.  This is not so difficult to believe at all.  The world is full of ignorant people. It is up to us to educate the ignorant. We must make it clear the Republicans are not concerned what Obama does. They will find fault in everything he does, without bringing forth alternatives. We must show the people they will go right back down into the rabbit hole, and even lose our country, if they follow the Right. Many of them are so hateful to Obama.  I just wonder how this can be, and why people believe these hateful lies.


6 thoughts on “Other Comments

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  2. I just seen your Blog for the 1st time you have a fan. Keep up the great work. Its nice to read what a informed person has to say Thank You

  3. So….they cry about the teachers in Madison……well……..that is all fine…….someone retires from those prisons filled with gang kids, weapons, and drugs….with years of underpaid salary because those increases were given up for increased benefits instead. And, health insurance is not a given……It is only granted to those retirees who accumulate a 100++ sick days……and requires the retiree to pay the increase in coverage each year after retirement. If a teacher works 30 + years in those conditions…..they deserve a gold cadillac. BTW……unions protect teachers, etc. from being fired willy nilly by silly stupid ass superiors who just don’t particularly like them one day…..then….it’s goodbye!! Listen up people…lets bring up the next generation understanding that government is controlled by people like the Koch Brothers. That might actually bother those kids with not much of a future of their own.

  4. That was my comment by the way …… I’m talking from knowledge and experience…….go ahead…….refute my statements here. I would enjoy hearing what you have to say…..gnite little peeps.

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